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Validata provides best-of-class business process outsourcing to US and Mexico-based companies operating in the financial, insurance, loyalty, publishing and medical billing industries. Business process outsourcing, particularly to another company located in nearby foreign country that enjoys a lower overall cost of labor (e.g., Mexico), is termed "nearshoring." Nearshoring allows companies to enjoy the benefits of shared time zones, shared language capabilities, and improved project management via mutual site visits.

Clients outsourcing their non-core business processes to Validata garner the following key benefits:
Decreased capital expenditures, as the client does not have to invest in infrastructure or incremental technology to accomplish the business process internally. Increased economies of scale, as greater business throughput without incremental cost outlay yields higher return on investment. Stable cost projections, as the bidding process requires outsourcing vendors to provide clear-cut, predictable cost estimates. Greater focus on core business, as the outsource vendor will reduce the amount of time management must focus on non-core activities. Increased labor management flexibility, as the outsourced vendor will take on the burden of seasonal labor fluctuations, new technology adoption, and non-strategic systems management.
Over the years, Validata has proven to be a reliable and trusted BPO partner for many high profile clients in both Mexico and the United States. We attribute our success to the following factors:

Human Capital — The location of our processing facilities in the interior of Mexico, in Puebla and Mexico City, gives us access to a vast supply of skilled labor. Our superior training program, geared to quick and effective training of BPO operators, gives our employees the skills to perform a broad range of activities for our clients with impeccable quality under the most stringent time constraints. Through our investments in human capital, we constantly keep our turnover rate under 5%, very low for our industry. This generates significant savings and keeps quality constant, all to the benefit of our clients.

IT resource management — We have complete control over our IT resources. Our network is managed internally and all our production software is proprietary. Control over our IT resources gives us the flexibility to quickly and efficiently adapt to the specific requirements of our clients.

Business continuity and disaster recovery — Constant load balancing between our two processing facilities, and a documented and tested business continuity, disaster recovery and pandemic preparedness plan, significantly reduce the risk of production outages due to problems at any one of our locations. From backup power generation and the stocking of spare equipment to the development of business relationships with hotels, suppliers of computer equipment and other vendors, we strive to consider all the aspects that may impact our ability to meet commitments and prepare to mitigate the impact to our clients if the unfortunate occurs.

Information security — As providers to the financial industry, we are used to operate under very strict information security guidelines. Our documented information security policies form the basis of operational practices that routinely pass the information security audits of all our clients, as well as those of external companies such as Verizon CyberTrust.

Location — Due to our location in the interior of Mexico, Validata maintains highly consistent staffing rates, as we are not subject to the seasonal attrition that affects outsourcing companies located on the border. Operating in US central time and being just a short flight away from any major hub in the United States, facilitates business communications and mutual site visits.

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